Piriformis, I.T. (Iliotibial) Band, Gluteus Maximus, Lateral Thigh, T.F.L. (tensor fasciae latae) Muscle Stretch.

(Thank You Shea Weber for This Stretch)

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left lateral thigh-buttocks-i.t. band muscle stretch, position 1.left lateral thigh-buttocks-i.t. band muscle stretch, position 2, side view.left lateral thigh-buttocks-i.t. band muscle stretch, position 2; front view.
To stretch the left gluteus, lateral thigh, t.f.l. (tensor fasciae latae) region, (this will also stretch the piriformis muscle some)

1. First get on hands and knees, 
2. Point your toes out, 
3. Extend one leg all the way back until your buttocks is over your other ankle, i.e. sit on your left foot (with your right leg extended behind you).
4. Then simply translate your pelvis to the left, as shown so that your knee is under your body.
5.  And for the advanced, if this is not enough, then lower you upper torso closer the floor, relax and let the weight of your body do the  stretch.
Remember that if there is any pain, BACK OFF or stop.
Iliotibial band friction syndrome Common With Improper Running Habits From Rice University, Texas.

  Self Test To See How Tight/Short Your I.T. Band - T.F.L. Gluteus Maximus Is.

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