Standing Piriformis Muscle Stretch

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FOR THE RUNNERS IN THE CROWD: You Can Do the Standing Piriformis Muscle Stretch while Balancing on one leg much like an one legged squat, contributed by dr. steven smith d.c. pasadena, ca, usa

beginning position for the standing piriformis muscle stretch.   demo of the standing muscle stretch

While Standing on one leg, cross your legs (in a "figure four" & hold on to something, if need be.) and keep your back very straight, then do the one legged squat as shown. 

Sitting Piriformis Muscle Stretch
Remember, if there is any pain, BACK OFF or stop.

Piriformis & Sciatic Nerve Relationship Anatomy Graphic (posterior cut away view of left buttocks)
piriformis muscle - sciatic nerve relationship graphic & link to research.-
(This graphic is from Australian research and was traced to this now broken link:

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