Communication Styles Table

How to Recognize: They get excited. They like their own way; decisive & strong viewpoints. They like positive attention, to be helpful & to be regarded warmly. They seek a lot of data, ask many questions, behave methodically & systematically.
Tends to Ask: Who? (the personal dominant question) What (the results oriented question.) Why? (the personal non-goal question.) How? (the technical analytical question.)
What They Dislike: Boring explanations/wasting time with too many facts. Someone wasting their time trying to decide for them. Rejection, treated impersonally, uncaring & unfeeling attitudes. making an error, being unprepared, spontaneity.
Reacts to Pressure and Tension By: "Selling" their ideas or argumentative. Taking charge taking more control. Becoming silent, withdraws, introspective. Seeking more data & information.
Best way to Deal With: Get excited with them. Show emotion. Let them be in charge. Be supportive; show you care. Provide lots of data & information.
Likes To Be Measured By: Applause, feedback, recognition. Results, Goal-oriented. Friends, close relationships. Activity & busyness that leads to results.
Must Be Allowed To: Get ahead quickly.  Likes challenges. Get into a competitive situation. Likes to win. Relax, feel, care, know you care. make decisions at own pace, not cornered or pressured.
Will Improve With: Recognition & some structure with which to reach the goal. A position that requires cooperation with others. A structure of goals & methods for achieving each goal. Interpersonal and communication skills.
Likes to Save: Effort they rely heavily on hunches, intuition, feelings. Time. They like to be efficient, get things done now. Relationships. Friendship means a lot to them. Face. They hate to make an error, be wrong or get caught without enough info.
For Best Results: Inspire them to bigger & better accomplishments. Allow them freedom to do things their own way. Care & provide detail, specific plans&activities to be accomplished. Structure a framework or "track" to follow.


(all info on this page is from GST Telecom, formally: Call America; Thanks Jerry Linthicum for compiling this information.)